HR Team #wemakeITinternational

2018 was the year of changes, a new visual identity through a new graphic charter, the redesign of our website, our logo and the launching of beautiful projects!

This year, we have so many beautiful projects!
2019 will be a year rich in emotions. We have sown videos for a week now in several foreign languages. You probably wondered what all this meant. A small explanation is needed:

All of our agencies can receive you and exchange on many opportunities in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and even Chinese. To go further, our website is now in English and in French.

On the international side, we will officially announce the launch of a new European city very soon 😉

We continue to grow and have lots of projects to show you, the international  opening of HR Team is only the beginning of many projects to come ..

We also launched our Instagram page! You will find our news, behind the scenes of our shootings and our agency life. Follow us quickly here: