Rue du Commerce

Rue du Commerce

Rue du Commerce is a French retail company, a player in the online retail sector in France. (HR Team: 1 Technical Project Manager, 3 Symfony3 PHP Architects, 2 Symfony3 PHP Developers)

Project : Complete overhaul of the Rue du Commerce site on a micro services architecture

Approach :

Establishment of agile project organization, industrialization, technical and organizational modernization, change management, standardization, rationalization

Implementation of a unit and functional testing strategy

Technical workshops for the entire DSI (among others: webperf, Robot Framework, SonarQube, code sharing …)

Awareness then support for the implementation of the methodology / culture Agile, DevOps and craftmanship

  • Date 19 December 2017
  • Tags Architecture, Homologation, Performance, Project Management, UX, Web Development